Farm de Tour 4/22/12

Click to see more photos. Photos by Tom P.
We only stopped by two places on the tour Black Hog Farm then afterward we went to Maggie's Plant Herbs and Gardens.
Last years pictures


What Is CoRK?

For more info check out their FB.

Birdies St Patricks Day 2012

Click to see more photos. Nice photos by Nick Garcia other photos by Tom P.

Downtown Art Walk March 2012

Click image to see full set. Photos by Tom P. and various camera borrowers.

1st Annual Dirty Bikes Olympics

Jacksonville's gettin down and dirty as the Skidmarks bring the bike games weekend everyone has been looking for. The games will be held at multiple locations in Jacksonville's urban core over a 3 day period. Early registration for the Polo Tournament, Sprint Races, Crit Race, Fixed Freestyle Trick Competition, and Bike Repair Relay are encouraged (click HERE to register). The registration for the rest of the events will be open on Friday, March 23th from 4pm-8pm at Murray Hill Park, and will continue on Saturday March 24th from 10am-10pm at Fishweir Park.

MIDNIGHT MASS (Thursday) @ Cummer Museum

Friday 23rd
4 pm - Treasure Hunt Begins @ Murray Hill Park
6 pm - Sprint Races @ Murray Hill Park
8 pm - Chariot Races @ Murray Hill Park
9 pm - Tall-bike Jousting @ Murray Hill Park

Saturday 24th
10 am - Polo (qualifying)@ Fishweir Park
2 pm - Road Rash 22k @ Stinson Park / Marjoram Park
4pm - Track Stand Shot Put @ Fishweir Park
5 pm - Bike Repair Relay @ Fishweir/Boone/Stinson/Willow
9 pm - Sprint Races @ Fishweir Park
11 pm - Tour de Franzia @ Fishweir/Boone Park

Sunday 25th
10 am - Polo @Fishweir Park
2 pm - Fixed Gear Freestyle @Fishweir Park
8 pm - Criterium Race @ Jacksonville Fairgrounds
10 pm - Awards Ceremonies @ Burro Bar

For more info check The Duval Dirty Bikes Olympics

Clyde Singletons New Skateboard

Clyde Singleton has a new board out on Blind Skateboards. Check it out support local. Buy it online here or at your local skate shop.